Panoramical view of Lago di Venere
Dammuso Gaia
dammuso Nika's
Dammuso Marina
Swimming pool
dammuso Gaia
Dammuso Alessandro
Dammuso Alessandro
Dammuso Gaia

Nel cuore della perla nera...

"I don't think there is a place in the world more ideal than Pantelleria to think of the moon. And Pantelleria is much more beautiful. The endless plains of volcanic rock, the calm sea, the houses with its windows where you can see in the windless nights the lights of the African lighthouses...bottom of the seas ancient amphor with stoned garlands and the remains of some wine corroded over the years...baths in a smokey conch in waters so thick you can walk on them..."                                                    


©2012 - Alfredo Pontillo